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Pulp Machine Manufacturers

Pulp Machine Manufacturers

Pulp Machine Manufacturers

We are quality Pulper Machine Manufacturers for Paper Industry, which has a rotor mounted on the bearing body and belt drive system with flat pulleys. The discharge hole is equipped with pneumatic valve. It takes less time during the pulping process and consumes less power as compared to conventional pulping.

Advantages :-
  • Reduction in pulping time
  • Less power consumption in comparison with traditional pulping (30 KWH/ton)
  • No cutting of contaminants
  • Low residual flake contents
  • Low residual stickies contents

Specification :-
Model Capacity Drive Motor -
Pully's and Belt KW HP
HHCP-4 4 m 90 120
HHCP-6 6 m 110 150
HHCP-8 8 m 150 200
HHCP-12 12 m 230 300


  • Secondary fibres to get quality de-inked pulp
  • Wet strength laminated papers
  • Virgin Pulp
  • Batch operation at consistency
  • 12-20% depending on the furnish
Pulp Machine Manufacturers
Pulp Machine Manufacturers


  • Rotor mounted on bearing Body and Belt Drive System with flat pulleys
  • Bearing body is bolted with vat
  • Vat is supported on 3 to 4 legs
  • Vat contains 3 nos to nos baffles and bottom shaped for optimal circulation
  • Discharge hole is equipped with pneumatic gate valve
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